Monday, January 7, 2013

Real Estate in 2012 was GREAT in Norfolk County

Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog, 2012 was a prime year for my real estate career. Sales were up, referrals were up and our company was growing and making its mark in Norfolk County.

It turns out that my prime year was not the only prime year. Real Estate across the county was up overall and many areas had an increase in the average sale price and number of sales.

According to residential statistics from the Simcoe and District Real Estate Board sales were up 7.39% over 2011 in the Board's area.

In Delhi sales were up 1.11% but the average sale price was down 3.04% to $183,301.

In Long Point, a community mainly focussed on cottage sales, the number of listings were down by 11.54% but sales were up 75% over 2011.

Port Dover was up in all categories. 361 listings (up 19.54%) resulted in 136 sales (up 24.77%) and an average sale price of $252,608 vs. $242,912 in 2011.

Port Rowan had an increase in the number of listings (87 vs. 81) and total sales were up 8.82% over 2011's total of 34. The average sale price took a dip from $168,850 in 2011 to $155,359 in 2012.

The Simcoe market had a strong 2012 with the total number of sales being up 29.23% over 2011 and the average sale price increasing from $201,805 in 2011 to $213,925 in 2012.

In Waterford the average number of listings increased by 21.30% which led to a 10.91% increase in sales over 2011. The average sale price remained steady with a very slight 0.37% increase to $225,170.

Local real estate representatives listed 2005 residential properties and sold 904 on the local real estate board during 2012. Our local real estate board consists of about 130 REALTORS.  Check out a recent interview I had with the local paper, the Simcoe Reformer, regarding these statistics.

So no matter the area your home is in, chances are 2012 was good to the value of your home! It's not possible to predict the future of the real estate market, but one thing for sure, your local real estate agents sure know how to list and sell real estate!

Congratulations to all representatives on a very successful 2012. Let's aim for another successful year in 2013!

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