Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary Erie's Edge Real Estate!

Today, January 10, 2013 marks the Second Anniversary of Erie's Edge Real Estate. And what an amazing two years it has been.

I found this quote and it's what inspired me to write this blog post.

"If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing, and you always put the customer first, success will be yours."

                                                                                         - Ray Kroc

I love what I do.  I love being part of a dynamic team of REALTORS® who always put the customer first.  I love matching people to homes.  I love making dreams of home ownership come true.  And Erie's Edge has helped me love my career even more.

When my husband Ray decided to open his own company I didn't know what to think.  I thought about the amount of extra work it would involve and I didn't know if consumers would "trust" a new company with what is considered to be the largest transaction in a person's life.

But quickly I realized that those fears were nothing but fears.  They were not reality. 

In the beginning we decided to focus on the Local, Mobile and Social aspects of real estate, and we still continue to do so.  No "bricks and mortar" office, large online presence, and some amazing new ideas we were able to pick up along the way.  Suddenly we had new REALTORS® wanting to join the company, and new clients contacting us for our services. 

The past two years have been full of excitement.  We have travelled to different conferences and events and brought back exciting information for our REALTORS® and to help our company grow. 

Since our launch in 2011 our company has grown in many ways.  And I have grown with it.  My career and myself personally have greatly benefited from our new venture.

I can't wait to see what the next two years bring...

In honour of our 2nd Anniversary we're celebrating by giving away a $50 Home Depot Gift Card! Post a photo of your house or your ...favourite room in your house or your dream home (that house in your neighbourhood that you love) on Erie's Edge Real Estate Ltd.'s facebook page. The lucky winner will be the photo that receives the most "likes". (In the event of a tie, a winner will be randomly selected from those photos that are tied). Contest closes January 31, 2013.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Real Estate in 2012 was GREAT in Norfolk County

Well, as I mentioned in my previous blog, 2012 was a prime year for my real estate career. Sales were up, referrals were up and our company was growing and making its mark in Norfolk County.

It turns out that my prime year was not the only prime year. Real Estate across the county was up overall and many areas had an increase in the average sale price and number of sales.

According to residential statistics from the Simcoe and District Real Estate Board sales were up 7.39% over 2011 in the Board's area.

In Delhi sales were up 1.11% but the average sale price was down 3.04% to $183,301.

In Long Point, a community mainly focussed on cottage sales, the number of listings were down by 11.54% but sales were up 75% over 2011.

Port Dover was up in all categories. 361 listings (up 19.54%) resulted in 136 sales (up 24.77%) and an average sale price of $252,608 vs. $242,912 in 2011.

Port Rowan had an increase in the number of listings (87 vs. 81) and total sales were up 8.82% over 2011's total of 34. The average sale price took a dip from $168,850 in 2011 to $155,359 in 2012.

The Simcoe market had a strong 2012 with the total number of sales being up 29.23% over 2011 and the average sale price increasing from $201,805 in 2011 to $213,925 in 2012.

In Waterford the average number of listings increased by 21.30% which led to a 10.91% increase in sales over 2011. The average sale price remained steady with a very slight 0.37% increase to $225,170.

Local real estate representatives listed 2005 residential properties and sold 904 on the local real estate board during 2012. Our local real estate board consists of about 130 REALTORS.  Check out a recent interview I had with the local paper, the Simcoe Reformer, regarding these statistics.

So no matter the area your home is in, chances are 2012 was good to the value of your home! It's not possible to predict the future of the real estate market, but one thing for sure, your local real estate agents sure know how to list and sell real estate!

Congratulations to all representatives on a very successful 2012. Let's aim for another successful year in 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bring on 2013

Well, today marks day 3 of the New Year!

2012 was a great year for my real estate business. Sales volume was my highest ever, and our company, Erie's Edge Real Estate Ltd. continued to grow and make a mark in Norfolk County.

As we look ahead to 2013, just like every year, it's a big question mark. Will the market remain the same? Will it increase or decrease? Will I be able to maintain my momentum from 2012? It's always unpredictable and I wish I had a crystal ball to show me the answers.

So, not knowing the future, I have to prepare for change. How can I improve my knowledge? How can I improve my communications with my past and present clients? How can I be one step ahead of the game? I think a lot of these answers relies on today's technology and a plan! That's why my New Year's resolution is to be more organized and structured in my career for 2013. Through the use of technology such as this blog, a business plan and a strong database I pledge to be the go to source for real estate information in Norfolk County! That's a big pledge but I know I can do it.

Check back in often for updates on the Norfolk County Real Estate Market, tips and tricks on how to prepare your home for sale, some highlights of some new and or unique listings, video blogs about what's going on in our communities or what I am learning daily about the real estate market, or just an update on how my resolution is coming along!

I truly enjoyed working with all my clients in 2012 and look forward to meeting new clients and in turn making new friends in 2013. Hopefully the market will favour all of us and I can make dreams of home ownership a reality across Norfolk County.

Wishing you and your families all the best in 2013!!